footnotes from listening to my television blare


tUnE-yArDs :: Gangsta

Featured on The Good Wife, Death Row Tip  (Season 3, Episode 8)

As much as I loved a lot of songs on the EPs & BiRd-BrAiNs, I’ve found myself listening to w h o k i l l as a whole more than I have those previous releases. That said, I must’ve self-indulged in listening to this particular song set-to-repeat roughly eleventymillion times. (As an aside, Tune-Yards does a stunning version of Yoko Ono’s “We’re All Water” live, which I wish would find its way into becoming a studio recording.)


Zero 7 :: Destiny

Featured on Case Histories, Episode 3. Masterpiece Theatre actually bothered to put up a music page for this show, which is kind of exciting (!!), you know, for Masterpiece Theatre, that is. My favorite version of this song is the live one featured on Sia’s Lady Croissant, I guess because I find the minimal rawness of that recorded performance slightly more affecting? Still, that takes nothing away from how much I’ve enjoyed the studio take that was originally recorded; It suits my mood(s) often enough.



Downton Abbey | John Lunn | Soundtrack Suite

This is such beautiful soundtracking to what feels like a really tricky story to encapsulate musically, e.g. carrying the story forward without giving the plot away ahead of time.

I feel vaguely like my grandma these days. At lunchtime at her house during the summer school break, we’d eat bologna/olive loaf/braunschweiger and Miracle Whip sandwiches (on Wonderbread, ALWAYS, but of course) while we watched The Bold and The Beautiful with her in the kitchen. We’d all sit chewing our gluten-overdoses together, gaping up at her tiny 9-inch black & white tv on top of the fridge. Now I and my kids are glued to watching Downton Abbey while eating a weekly supper in front of the living room tv.  I’ve skipped a generation, and instead of worrying about becoming my own ma, I’m beginning to sweat becoming my grandma instead.


Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside performed I Swear, from their first full-length release, Dirty Radio, on The Late Show with David Letterman. While this song is not my absolute no.#1 favorite song from the album (my own preferences lean towards Write Me a Letter, and Where Did You Go  as singles) the band’s appearance on Letterman provides a good excuse to post a Sallie Ford track. You can download an mp3 of I Swear for free if you visit the US Amazon site.

Also, you should visit the OPB Music site to hear their cover of Whole Wide World by Wreckless Eric, just because.