footnotes from listening to my television blare



Downton Abbey | John Lunn | Soundtrack Suite

This is such beautiful soundtracking to what feels like a really tricky story to encapsulate musically, e.g. carrying the story forward without giving the plot away ahead of time.

I feel vaguely like my grandma these days. At lunchtime at her house during the summer school break, we’d eat bologna/olive loaf/braunschweiger and Miracle Whip sandwiches (on Wonderbread, ALWAYS, but of course) while we watched The Bold and The Beautiful with her in the kitchen. We’d all sit chewing our gluten-overdoses together, gaping up at her tiny 9-inch black & white tv on top of the fridge. Now I and my kids are glued to watching Downton Abbey while eating a weekly supper in front of the living room tv.  I’ve skipped a generation, and instead of worrying about becoming my own ma, I’m beginning to sweat becoming my grandma instead.